Anja Mäntylä Fund

Anja Mäntylä Fund – Promoter of social sector education as well as research and development

The purpose of the Anja Mäntylä Fund is to promote and develop education in the social sector as well as research and development activities in the field in South Ostrobothnia. The aim of the activity is to support knowledge production and training for the development of professional practices.

Anja Mäntylä Fund was set up with donated funds in 2008 to operate in conjunction with education in the field of social work at the Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences (SeAMK). The Fund’s modes of operation include research grants, operational grants, projects, development projects and seminars.

The amount of grants, scholarships and operational grants is decided in connection with the preparation of the fund’s operational plan.

The subject of the grant must be connected to South Ostrobothnia either through the topic, the place of residence or studying of the recipient of the grant or scholarship, or the research organisation.

The application period for operational grants and research grants is continuous.