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Operational grants

Anja Mäntylä Fund was set up with donated funds in 2008 to operate in conjunction with higher education in the field of social work at Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences (SeAMK). The purpose of the Fund is to promote and develop education in the social sector and research and development activities in the field in South Ostrobothnia. The aim of the activity is to support the production of information and training for the development of professional practices. The modes of operation include scientific grants, operational grants, projects, development projects and seminars.

When distributing operational grants for 2023, special emphasis will be placed on applications that highlight issues of sustainable well-being (such as community spirit, participation, justice, empowerment and welfare economy).

Dates of the next application period

Continuous application.


Operational grants are allocated to purposes that promote professional practices and professional competence in the social sector, for example, to supporting the training, research and development processes. An operational grant may be awarded to an individual person, a group or a community. For example, an operational grant may focus on the costs of a conference or a seminar, study trips, procurement of material and equipment supporting research and development activities, publishing activities and translation costs. When awarding the grants, annually determined focus areas can be taken into account.


Applications are submitted using an electronic form.

Rules and Terms and conditions

According to the Operating rules of Anja Mäntylä Fund, the grant recipient has the obligation to submit a report on the use of the grant to the Fund within a year and a half from the date on which the grant was awarded.

The grant must comply with the Finnish regulations on taxation. More detailed information on these regulations is available from the Finnish Tax Authority.

Additional information

For additional information, contact Mervi Lehtola, the Agent of the Fund (mervi.lehtola(a)seamk.fi, tel. +358 40 830 2365).