Applying and reporting | Anja Mäntylä Fund

Applying and reporting

The amount of grants, scholarships and operational grants is decided in connection with the preparation of the fund’s operational plan.

The subject of the grant must be connected to South Ostrobothnia either through the topic, the place of residence or studying of the recipient of the grant or scholarship, or the research organization.

The application period for operational grants and research grants is continuous. The general application criteria are described below.

Operational grants

Operational grant can be awarded to an individual or a community for the promotion of scientific activities in the social sector or for its concrete implementation. Grants can be e.g. studying, research and development processes, seminar and study trips, publication costs, translations, acquisition of material, acquisition of research materials and equipment. A report on the use of the operational grant is requested, which must be delivered to the fund’s representative within the next year and a half or at a time to be determined separately.

Operational grants are not awarded to support education leading to undergraduate degrees, to support the basic operations of companies or communities, or for financial profit-seeking activities (for example, organizing events with a participation fee). Grants are also not awarded to so-called on social grounds (e.g. poverty).

Possible annual priorities for awarding grants are announced separately.

Research grants

Every year grants are awarded for conducting scientific research on topics in the social sector. The grants are intended for researchers with a higher university degree. The grant can be awarded to an individual researcher or a group. The grant can be awarded continuously and for a maximum of 12 months for one research project. The recipient of the grant is obliged to report to the Anja Mäntylä Fund on the use of the grant within one and a half years after the grant date.

Possible annual priorities for awarding grants are announced separately.